Story Snippet, No. 10

I had the pleasure of talking to Joe Elliott of Def Leppard two weeks ago.

I recently interviewed Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, center, and he gave me his thoughts on MTV. (photo by Ash Newell)

One of the questions I couldn’t help but ask was what the singer/songwriter thinks of MTV, which turns 30 this year.

Personally, I think the network is awful, and I thought that long, long, long before it gave the world a Snooki or The Situation (but right around the time it gave a Speidi). I’m old enough to remember sitting in front of the boob tube watching MTV for hours and hours as a kid, waiting with bated breath for another glimpse of Bret Michaels of Poison, who I fell in love with at age 10.

So what does Joe Elliott think of the channel that helped Def Leppard reach the masses? Read on for his candid – and 100 percent correct – thoughts:

“I think it’s the most saddest thing I’ve ever seen. The decline of MTV is worse than watching some relative die of Alzheimer’s. It’s awful, I’m sorry but it is. I won’t be celebrating its 30th. I’m not a fan at all. I think it stinks.”

“It was superb. I can understand that it may well have run its course, but they should have changed the name because it’s not music TV, to be quite honest, I don’t even know what it is anymore. The last time I saw it, some sort of road-trip thing was on, that tells you long ago that was. It was just these morons in some caravan just arguing not even real arguments.”

“I switched over to VH1 in about 1992.”

“I can totally understand if people stopped watching videos, but it’s not MTV so just put it in a coffin and bury it for God’s sake.”

And there you have it – what are your thoughts?



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