Story Snippet, No. 15

Here is a quote from my November interview with Dj Ashba. Ashba is in Sixx: A.M. with Nikki Sixx and has been the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses since 2009. I interviewed him to advance GNR’s Nov. 20 show in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Are there any big similarities or differences in working with Nikki and Axl?
“Zero, (laughs) it’s a whole different ballgame, Sixx: A.M. is definitely a labor of love. It’s three producers, three best friends that get together and write music — we try to touch on subjects that a lot of people are maybe afraid to talk about, or they kind of turn a blind eye to, and we peel back the Band-Aid and let people feel some pain and hopefully make people think.

I think the messages we send out have a positive affect on people. It’s been really nice getting tons of mail going, ‘Wow, ‘The Heroin Diaries’ helped me kick drugs’ and blah, blah, blah. You go to bed at night and you feel really good about Sixx: A.M. and what I’m doing in Sixx: A.M., it’s very rewarding that way.

But we’re not trying to be a band, we’re not trying to sell records. It’s one thing where Nikki can step away from Motley Crue, and I can step away from Guns N’ Roses, and we can just be true artists, and we have an open canvas, and we can paint outside the lines. It’s just freedom. It’s very honest and loyal, and I think that’s why people get it. It’s not fake, we’re not trying to sound like the new Nickelback. It’s very authentic and growing organically, and people are really getting it which means a lot to us.

Guns is a whole different thing. But I’m having the best time in both.”

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