Bookworm: “Jackie as Editor”

Tonight I’m going to start Greg Lawrence’s “Jackie as Editor: The Literary Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.”

I love the cover shot, so very Jackie (and New York)!

I’ve been a Jackie-phile for as long as I can remember, and upon finding “The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family” by Laurence Leamer for a steal at a local library’s used-book sale, I’ve devoured many, many books written on Jackie and the Kennedy clan.
While I am said Jackie-phile, I do not support the shenanigans of the many, many bad-seed Kennedys by any means.

Just some of my many books about Jackie, the Bouviers, Kennedys and beyond.

Love her or hate her, Jackie oozed an elegance and demeanor that is gone from today’s world, and you really can’t deny that she and Jack (President John F. Kennedy to those of you who are not on a first-name basis with them as I am, obviously) were the epitome of royalty here in America.

  1. So I was very excited to happen upon “Jackie as Editor” in one of the sale bins outside BookMarc, the Marc Jacobs bookstore in Greenwich Village.
    BookMarc is housed in the former site of one of my favorite bookstores on earth, Biography Book Shop at 400 Bleecker St.

Somehow, this 2011 chronicle of an often-overlooked portion of Jackie’s life – the nearly 20 years that she spent editing books – slipped past me, but I did get it for a steal, so it was worth it.
God bless New York street shopping!  

I am very eager to dive into this one first because of my longtime interest in Jackie – and second, as an editor myself now, to see how she made the jump from being the Jackie O everyone saw in the papers to making a whole new, fulfilling life for herself at Viking and Doubleday.

So before I curl up under my favorite blanket with the original Editrix, I will leave you with the introduction’s opening quote:

“If you produce one book,
you will have done something wonderful in your life.”
Jackie Kennedy Onassis



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