Bookworm: ‘Game’ over

Disclaimer: I didn’t see “The Hunger Games” movie yet.

But I did finish the rest of the trilogy – “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” – this week.
In fact, the very second that the girl child handed it over when she was done with it, I read “Catching Fire” in its entirety last Sunday, which bested my reading of the first book, which I blogged about here, by about 22 hours.

My trilogy reading is over ... sad face!

“Catching Fire” was just as incredible as “The Hunger Gamers.” So many times I gasped out loud, or clutched my chest in anticipation of what was going to happen next.

“Mockingjay,” on the other hand, just didn’t seem as gripping.
I felt like it lacked a lot of the magic that the other two books had. Sure, there were moments of “ohmigod!” – spoiler alert! Such as when Boggs bites the dust, when Katniss sees her beloved Prim blown to smithereens and when our heroine’s lone arrow finds its way to Coin, not Snow – there just wasn’t as much ooomph to “Mockingjay” as there were with the other books.

And the ending just was “meh,” to me. I think seeing Katniss ending up with Peeta, having children and carrying on in 12 kind of seemed mailed in. But allow me to explain: throughout the whole book, Katniss was seemingly fickle with our young heroes, Peeta and Gale. She turned on them at the drop of a hat, yet didn’t want to lose either one of them in the end.

I did like that she was able to kind of propagate the species, if you will, in her beloved District 12, in the end, though.
So who’s the fickle one now??



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