Resolution check: July

Wrote all of July’s 31 days – and with today’s blogging, my grand total of writing something for myself every day is 95. Days. In. A. Row! 


About Nikki Mascali Roarty

I am an editor, writer and New Yorker who has ink for blood and the blog name + tattoo to prove it. This is my blog about reading, writing and absolutely no 'rithmetic because I am horrendous at math.
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2 Responses to Resolution check: July

  1. Wild Song says:

    That’s awesome! I am trying to get back in the swing of writing everyday, especially on my novel. What strategies do you use to keep yourself motivated?

    • Thanks so much! And honestly, I have a little calendar book I got for free at Hallmark that I write in. Keeping with filling the little boxes in saying “blogged,” “journal,” etc. is a great motivator. I never want to skip a day!!

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