Writing it old school (Project Novel)

Late-night scribblings = big-time Project Novel inspirations.

The last time I wrote about Project Novel way back on June 16, I was waiting to hear what the fella thought about it. I had been nervous because I knew he’d be honest – just as I wanted and expected him to be.

And he was – and it was both good and bad (because, really, who wants to hear there’s something not 1,000 percent perfect about your baby?) and extremely helpful. He had questions that I could answer right away and ones that made me pause and realize even more that there’s work to be done.

After we had that great discussion a few weeks back and I scribbled ideas on a neon-yellow stickie note, Project Novel hit a brick wall. I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t know where to start. It’s been bothering me immensely but I just couldn’t bring myself to blog about it – or even open the novel to look at it.

Then, last night, late, I closed the Kindle Fire, shut off the light and rolled over in my comfy bed and closed my eyes.
Two minutes later, boom.
An idea took shape in my head and words started swirling and a scene played out in my mind like one from a movie.

I laid there a moment, going over the scene in my head again and again to try to memorize it so I didn’t have to get up, that I would flesh it out come morning. My eyes started to close … until my panic that I’d forget it took over.

I got up, ran to my office and started scribbling out the scene as fast as my blue PaperMate pen would allow me.
As a hopeless insomniac, I just couldn’t bring myself to turn on the computer that late for fear I’d never fall asleep. Feng shui and all that jazz, you know.

There was something cathartic about writing the scene out, it’s how I always “wrote” as a kid and, as a lifelong journaler, it just feels natural to me to scribble until my hand goes numb and the callous on my middle left hand from gripping my pen throbs.

But the best feeling of all came from finding the link to what the fella felt was missing from The Novel – something that I did agree with and have been agonizing over where it should start and how it should be. And now, the flood gates have opened (or so I hope).

Would you like a snippet?

“He didn’t know love could be so deep,
that he could lose her so swiftly,
that she would die with his brother’s name surely on her lips.”


About Nikki Mascali Roarty

I am an editor, writer and New Yorker who has ink for blood and the blog name + tattoo to prove it. This is my blog about reading, writing and absolutely no 'rithmetic because I am horrendous at math.
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2 Responses to Writing it old school (Project Novel)

  1. Kacy Muir says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing how the novel shapes up.

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