“Business is really more agreeable than pleasure; it interests the whole mind,
the aggregate nature of man more continuously, and more deeply.
But it does not look as if it did.”
Walter Bagehot

Got back from my first business trip, a whirlwind three days in Las Vegas for a conference put on by my company, in the wee hours of this morning.

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Just like my friends who’ve traveled for business always said, “It’s not all it’s cracked up to be,” it was sort of torturous to be staying in the fabulous Encore, seeing its beautiful grounds and enticing pool and not being able to dip my toes in it for a few hours.

But it was exciting to be part of such a great, well-attended event, and it was a good learning experience to hear the bevy of speakers we had on the agenda.

I sat in on many of the sessions and got to do some on-camera interviews with some of ours speakers and the many exhibitors, which was my favorite part.

And I was able to squire away for a few minutes with my coworker to sit in the sun during the first day and right before we went to the airport. Never you mind the looks I got sitting my the pool in my business attire.

An editrix’s gotta do what an editrix’s gotta do, you know.


In slideshow: The marquee going into the exhibit hall, Bill Strauss of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, stealing a few minutes of poolside sun Tuesday, mid-session, myself and my coworker Matt are always scouting photo ops, the coolest swag I bagged and what Matt and I dubbed “our last 10 minutes of disco” before the car took us to the airport Wednesday. 


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