30-Day Poetry Challenge: Day 6

daffodilsDay 6: Write a poem from Mars. Describe ordinary things through someone from another planet’s eyes.

This city park is as green and lush as our planet is red and arid
especially now that it’s what they call “spring.”
Four-legged creatures covered in fur lead some of these humans on long strings,
stopping every so often. 
Structures made of stone rise high above what I heard them call trees, 
and I sit in cool, damp grass trying to understand
why some seem to move fast,
some slowly push a wheeled basket containing a miniature them
and others just sit and watch
as I do. 
And everywhere throughout this centralized green
under trees, atop rocks, in wide-open spaces, 
everywhere tall green reeds are topped
by brilliant, yellow starbursts.



About nikkimmascali

I am an editor, writer and New Yorker who has ink for blood and the blog name + tattoo to prove it. Also of note: I follow more dogs than people on Instagram. This is my blog about reading, writing and absolutely no 'rithmetic because I am horrendous at math.
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