Meeting a muse

ncatbsThere are moments in your life that are just so ungodly unbelievable. And then there are moments where the stars align, like they did two Fridays ago when the fella and I went to the second night of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ three-night, sold-out run at the Beacon Theatre.

I hadn’t been this excited to see a concert in a really, really long time because ever since I came across Cave’s side project Grinderman three years ago, I’ve been mad-obsessed with the man and both his bands. It may be a bold statement, but Grinderman’s second album, the aptly named “Grinderman 2,” is absolutely my most-played CD — ever. I had it on repeat in my car for a full year, at least, and still can only go a few days without listening to it.

Cave seems to be a dark soul, and many of his lyrics are dark, morose, sinister and filled with raw sexuality, yet Cave has written some of the most beautiful, romantic songs I’ve ever heard. I dare you to listen to “Into My Arms” and not be moved. It’s stunning, simply stunning.

Sadly, NCATBS as we fans call it, didn’t play “Into My Arms” the night we saw the band, but the show was incredible nonetheless, especially getting to watch Cave interact with the crowd. Though I love him, he always seems like he’d be really angry and reclusive, but he was truly amazing and gave his absolute all on stage, and I was blown away. ncatbs2

After the show, the fella and I walked around the corner of the venue, and saw a crowd waiting behind a barrier next to three waiting Lincoln SUVs. We decided to wait and see what happened. Two hours later, the crowd of about 30 people had dwindled to a very chilled-to-the-bone dozen or so, and Cave came out, much to my excitement. I had our tickets and my phone at the ready, and he graciously posed with everyone and signed anything they handed him.

When he came over to our side of the sidewalk, I asked if I could get a picture, and he said, “Absolutely, come out from behind that barrier, it’s not proper they have you back there.” So I got to go up and have my arm around him (and his around mine!) as the fella snapped my picture, and then I did the same for the fella, shaking the whole bloody time.

He was so cool, friendly and funny – I love when someone who you admire and someone who inspires you immensely with his music and words was everything you’d want them to be in person. It was a perfect end to a truly perfect night — and you best believe I was on cloud nine the rest of the weekend.

Read my review of the show I wrote for Highway 81 Revisited, a music blog I am now contributing to, by clicking here. And if you have a story about meeting a muse of yours, I’d love to hear it, so let me know in the comments!



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