30-Day Poetry Challenge: Day 20

Day 20: Resurrecting the Past – Write a narrative poem that brings an actual historical event to back life.

'Into the Jaws of Death' by Robert F. Sargent. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

‘Into the Jaws of Death’ by Robert F. Sargent. (Photo from Wikipedia.)

His weapon slung over his shoulder,
the hatch on the assault boat dropped,
without hesitation he slid
into the water alongside his olive-clad brethren. 

He waded quickly, eyes peeled for enemy forces
thinking not that he himself was a target,
nor his cold, wet feet, 
but of the pretty girl pinned to the inside of his left breast pocket. 

He thought of her now,
her pretty blue eyes, her honey-colored hair, her cute, upturned nose,
how her hair would bounce when she’d tilt her head back to laugh, 
the scent of her when her head lay on his shoulder,
how warm she felt in his arms

how she was going to be his wife one day for all eternity. 

Maybe someday we’ll come to France together, he thought, 
after the horrors of this war have long since washed away.
We’ll stand on that beach just a few dozen paces away,
laughing together about how all I could think of was her  
when I should’ve been focused on not becoming a statistic.

We’ll look out over this water,
standing hand in hand in the sand.
I’ll remember those brothers who won’t have that chance,
I’ll say a silent pray to their memory.
She’ll be beside me unable to understand
what I saw, what I did, where I went,
but she’ll know that I came home to her.



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