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Putting the ink in ‘Ink for Blood’

I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was 17 years old. For years, I pondered what I should get; for the longest time, I thought I’d get a sunflower  since they’re my absolute favorite flower. Then I toyed with the idea … Continue reading

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I heart home work

I had two interviews today, which brought the number of interviews that needed to be transcribed today to a daunting number of four. Anyone who has ever had to transcribe anything knows this is a terrible, terrible task. I plowed … Continue reading

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Music to write by

I love music. Truth be told, most days, I’d rather settle in with a book, my laptop or journal and Sirius or my iPod than watch TV. It’s just how I’ve always been. When it comes to writing, music is my … Continue reading

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Creating life.

I love the promise of a new journal. Closing the back cover of the old me, opening to a brand-new, impeccably perfect page to begin anew. My 22nd journal since 1994.   It’s enough to make me dizzy with hope, … Continue reading

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Writerly guilty pleasures

I have lots of little guilty pleasures. Chocolate, “Sex and the City,” listening to CDs for hours on repeat and stealing my fella’s Pratt sweatshirt notwithstanding, some of my favorite guilty pleasures are the “writerly” ones, and some of the biggest ones … Continue reading

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