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Writing it old school (Project Novel)

The last time I wrote about Project Novel way back on June 16, I was waiting to hear what the fella thought about it. I had been nervous because I knew he’d be honest – just as I wanted and … Continue reading

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I heart home work

I had two interviews today, which brought the number of interviews that needed to be transcribed today to a daunting number of four. Anyone who has ever had to transcribe anything knows this is a terrible, terrible task. I plowed … Continue reading

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May my quill never run dry (or the best ‘Thank you’ I ever received)

It was no ordinary piece of mail addressed to me at the office … Like so many other professions, being a journalist is a thankless job. Luckily, for the most part (and for most of us), a “thank you” isn’t … Continue reading

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Music to write by

I love music. Truth be told, most days, I’d rather settle in with a book, my laptop or journal and Sirius or my iPod than watch TV. It’s just how I’ve always been. When it comes to writing, music is my … Continue reading

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Getting outside the cube

Sometimes we just need to get out of the office. Today, my staff writer and I had to hit the road for an interview, and though we didn’t have a sunny day to enjoy, today was still one of the … Continue reading

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“But I don’t like Spam”

I get an abundance of spam e-mails every day, one of which even made it into my “Letter from the Editor” this week. But this one definitely takes the cake – probably because I really, really like that it started … Continue reading

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Method to the madness

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.” Shakespeare I am, by nature, a very methodological, organized person. Some might even dare to say that I am anal retentive. I have systems, I have routines, I make lists, and I … Continue reading

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